Here at Maptes, we specialize in the quick start-up of projects from established templates and methods. We develop specific deliverables (FFP or CP contracts) or establish specific labor expectations (LOE contracts).

We keep you in the loop so you know exactly what you're getting for your dollar.

Operate in very small teams, who can travel to any US destination, who are exceptionally experienced in the needed field, and can operate with little further guidance, yet professionally interact with customer to ensure satisfaction.

We are trying to establish relationships through the word of mouth from your satisfaction to make us grow.


Who We Are

Maptes Advanced Projects is a Missouri Registered Private U.S. LLC, run day to day by a Managing Partner who is the Chief Executive and Founder, and composed of a wide variety of expert consultants who work in network operations, software, and engineering.

This structure, combined with well designed organization and processes, allow for quick decisions, fast turn-around of contracts and opportunities, and effective and efficient response not available in other groups.

Why You Want Us on Your Side

Our team is composed entirely of experts. We do not send inexperienced newbies on our tasks, but instead draw from the long experience of both our partners and associates in a wide variety of high technical fields. When a Maptes Consultant Team arrives for your effort, know that either they are one of the partners, or a consultant that we personally know has the required expertise, and has proven their skills to us in previous associations. Our engineer-consultants have cut their teeth on the biggest backbones on the Internet, including those that are likely carrying this web traffic.They have done everything from Tier I ISPs, to government research networks, to small and large LANs and WANs.

After every fixed term job (or periodically for long term consulting) our VP-Sales and Marketing will personally contact you for an honest assessment of our services. We live primarily by those who can vouch for our expertise. We also take small efforts, that other companies leave on the table, towards large projects that require project management and budgeting, though we do not take a project unless we can provide you all the expertise you will require.

Our Mission

Our core mission here at Maptes is to accept key opportunities to provide senior expertise in areas of high technology (especially Internet technologies, Networking, Software, and Process/Organization but not limited to these areas) and associated process development and program management. Especially those opportunities overlooked by larger professional services/consulting groups.


Network Design, Maintenance
and Operations:

Server and Systems Maintenance
and Set-Up: (Long or Short)

Organizational Behavior, Structure,
and Process

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