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1. Accept key opportunities to provide senior expertise in areas of high technologies (especially Internet technologies, Networking, Software, and Process/Organization but not limited to these areas) and associated process development and program management. Especially those opportunities overlooked by larger professional services/consulting groups
2. Quick start-up of projects from established templates and methods. Develop specific deliverables (FFP or CP contracts) or establish specific labor expectations (LOE contracts). Use our small size to quickly move in, deliver to excellence, and depart with completed fixed objectives.
3. Execution of these key opportunities in such a way that the customer knows exactly what they received for their dollar.
4. Operate in very small teams, who can travel to any US destination, who are exceptionally experienced in the needed field, and can operate with little further guidance, yet professionally interact with customer to ensure satisfaction.
5. Establish relationships and word of mouth reputation to grow on.

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